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Uncover 1000+ Communities to Promote your Product. Go Viral with 100 Great Examples of Community Posts.

Online communities are the perfect place for product and service promotion. With Communitable find where your ideal customers are hanging out & engage with them instantly.

Marketing in Communities is Time Consuming

When trying to get your product or service out there, Communitable helps you get in direct contact with customers in the relevant online communities.

How You'll Benefit

  • Contributing to communities exposes your product, service and business to target audiences already interested in what you have to say
  • Promote your content correctly and people will connect with your it because it resonates with them and their ideals
  • Engaging community drives genuine traffic that is both interested in what your saying and more likely to purchase from you

The Database covers...

1000+ Communities that share advice, stories & shared interests

Communities can be filtered by data points like submission guides, member counts, signup details and include:

✔ 300+ Facebook Groups

✔ 270+ Slack Channels

✔ 175+ Discord Servers

✔ 160+ Subreddits

✔ 50 Independent Communities

✔ 100 Viral & Inspirational Post examples

Data that can be filtered to fit your industry

Because community platforms play host to virtually any topic you can think of the data is sorted by categories like:

✔ Marketing ✔ Social ✔ Business

✔ SEO ✔ Content ✔ Tech

✔ Entrepreneurs ✔ Blogs ✔ Lifestyle

✔ Food ✔ Fashion ✔ Family

✔ Finance ✔ Web Dev ✔ Pets & Animals

✔ Travel ✔ Books & writing ✔ Health

Exclusive Details on how to Contribute and Promote in Communities

Info on how and when to engage in communities (without spamming them) including:

✔ Content Promotion Rules

✔ How promotion is allowed

✔ Admin Details to get Promotion Permission

✔ Community Descriptions

✔ Teardowns of what Posts Work and Why

Ultimately Communitable helps you to...

Market more Efficiently & Boost Brand Awareness

Instantly access data you can incorporate into your product or service promotion strategy and engage relevant verticals, niches and communities without the traditional marketing costs.

Improve Engagement Rates & Convert Customers

The databases contain in depth details about select viral posts and channels with audience counts into the thousands - and those which founders, makers and startups already use to gain traction and grow.

Drive Relevant Traffic that's Strong from the get-go

No need to spend countless hours figuring out where, how and who you should promote your product or service. Filter data to align with your product/service launches, updates and the marketing tasks required to engage with audiences.


What's the format of the database?

The database has been created and is maintained in Airtable.

How does this actually work?

Directly after purchase, you'll get access to private links to the databases.

What do you mean by lifetime access?

That simply means unlimited access to Communitable and any future updates.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure. Get in touch within the first 14 days and we'll initiate a refund.

Do I need to pay for Airtable to use this?

Nope. You can use this with Airtable’s free plan without having to upgrade.

Which platforms are included?

Slack, Facebook, Circle/Indie, Reddit, and Discord

Is it really worth paying $49?

Yep. The databases are the result of 400+ hours of research, so you don't have to.

Any other questions?

Hit me up on the live chat at www.communitable.xyz/



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